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Our machines:


Dub spring reverb

The Spring Amp III is our third-generation spring reverb, blending favorite features from past models with new enhancements. It enables the use of spring-reverb tanks with standard audio mixers, featuring a Hi-Fi amplifier and a 2-pole VCF to shape the spring’s output, delivering instant classic dub sound.


Dub Siren

The DS01E is a new take on our old-school inspired DS01 dub siren, now improved with a built-in digital delay DSP inherited from our Digital Echo. A mix ready, all-in-one dub sound system box.


Optical Stereo Phaser

Phase is a 12-stage all-analog optical stereo phaser specifically engineered for studio production and live-mix settings.
Old-school mojo with modern improvements and routing versatility packed in an easy-to-use layout.

Digital Echo

Desktop delay unit

The Digital Echo is a delay unit created for use as musical instrument for both studio mixing and live improvisation. The DSP audio delay can be multiplied, divided and modulated by dedicated knobs in real-time. The analog overdrive and HP/LP filters can be used to shape the delay tone and feedback.


Dub siren

The Lickshot is our take on one of the most iconic dub sirens. It generates classic laser-gun and machine-gun sound effects and has been newly improved to allow for a greater diversity of sounds.


4 Pole filter

Filtro is a 4 pole HP/LP VCF. Its performance-oriented design makes it a playable FX unit that allows for dynamic use of its features both in studio or live environments. Switchable HP/LP mode, tap tempo and a wide range of LFO waveforms provides a large variety of filter effects.


Dub siren

The DS71 is a synthesizer designed to easily create many different dub siren tones at your fingertips. It combines analog synth voicing circuitry with a powerful digital LFO that allows for quick access to different sounds at the press of a button. Inspired by the classic analog drum-synth modules and re-interpreted as dub siren.


Dub siren

The DS01 is the second-generation clone of the most classic dub siren in the known universe, old school transistors sound FX machine with unique feel and sound.

Snatch W DS01 dub siren

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