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About us

Here at Benidub, we’re definitely into DUB. We’ve always been and we like it so much that we devoted our lives to that. We engineer innovative stompboxes, building them hand by hand, the hard and old school way, here in Castellon, Spain.
Every unit we build features a bulletproof construction to survive even your loudest live performances and tours, and we precisely engineer each pedal with the best components available, combining the creativity input of traditional pedals with the audio quality of studio effects.

We like the idea of designing effects with the attitude of musical instruments. We want our customers to go beyond the old “set it and forget it” approach and discover new sources of inspiration by playing with our devices, both in studio or in a live environment.

This is Benidub.

Thanks for your support!



Benidub was founded in 2010 by Sandro Musetti, sound engineer and reggae music lover since ever, in Valencia (Spain). 
He began to build siren prototypes, compressors, filters and any sort of dub-device, mostly to be used in his own music studio and for few friends.


Beni kept growing and all the family joined the show.
Since then Sandro and Valentina are in charge of the electronics and the whole assembling,
Marco Musetti took control of the graphics and the mechanics engineering.
The production was totally handcrafted with professional underground attitude and punk solutions, from the PCB photo-etched with a grow-shop lamp in a closet, the case holes made with an old drill in the bathroom, graphics printed in the oven.
Thereafter, thanks to the sudden interest from artists such as Steve Vibronics and Mark Iration Steppas, and the support from our first trust-worthy distributor Yoshimi Emoto (Japan), our devices started to picking up steam around the world.
With the increasing demand and the abundance of new designs awaiting release, it became obvious that it was time to finally grow as a company.

Benidub became “Benidub Audio Electronics”.


Here we finally are! That’s the end of our journey into the past and the start of our present.
The years have passed, and by now we have distributors all over the world, new collaborators who joined the production line, and we can finally offer high quality effects as we’ve always dreamed of – and that’s thank to everyone that believed in us.

– the Benidub crew.

Snatch B DS01 dub siren

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