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Dub Siren

Analog synthesiser exclusively designed for sound-FX generation

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Tons of sound effects at your fingertips

The DS71 is a synthesiser designed to create many different dub siren sound at your fingertips. Analog synth voicing circuitry combined with a powerful digital LFO, a match  held together by an intuitive array of controls and features for quick access to near infinite sounds palette.

Inspired by the classic drum-synth modules and re-interpreted as dub siren

The DS71 differs from our other sirens for its modulation features and the range of the tone controls. The heart of the DS71 it’s the advanced digital LFO waveforms bank: 8 different sounds parameters at your disposal just by pressing one of the four trigger buttons. “Bank A” for more traditional siren waveforms and “Bank B” for more experimental, unusual and crazy waves.  you’ll never go out of solutions and sounds with this circuit.

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Analog synth voicing

The DS71 Dub siren features a completely analog voicing circuitry to generate fat and aggressive-sounding tones. The audio oscillator, the filter and the VCA are 100% analog.

quick access to different sounds

The powerful digital LFO featured in the DS71 circuit allows access to different sounds at your fingertips. Just press one of the four keys and the internal synth presets will be instantly recalled.


The DS71 dub siren can be triggered with a variety of external triggers and audio sources such as piezo electric drum pads, analog drum machines, sequencers and even an audio track.

Snatch W DS01 dub siren



12VDC,  100mA, center positive, 2.1mm*5.5mm barrel connector.


Sets the output volume.


Sets the audio oscillator base frequency, which extends from 30Hz to 9KHz.


While one of the keys is pressed the SWEEP works exactly as a synth cutoff knob. As soon as the key is released the SWEEP progressively opens or closes the filter. 


4 triggers allows to change the preset sound instantly.


Sets how long a sound takes to completely fade out.


Sets the modulation amplitude.


By pressing this button the SWEEP controls not only the filter but the audio oscillator too. The sound’s pitch will rise or fall after releasing the trigger key.


Sets the modulation cycles speed. Each sound has its own preset LFO range. 


8 preset LFO waveforms are available: 4 in each bank.

Snatch B DS01 dub siren
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Download the user manual here

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